“Girls who are naturally skinny are lucky. Girls who have to fight to be skinny are strong.” ~unknown

 When I first started this journey 3 years ago, I would have never imagined ANYONE would ever ask me “how I did it”. Actually, even now when people ask me I realize…I never really wrote anything down–so who knows how I did it. You could talk to my mom and spend HOURS listening to her tell you all about the conversations that we’ve had. She’s the ultimate mom considering that I have to get annoying at some point.

But before we get to where I’m at now, got to look at where I started. I wasn’t big growing up (and NO! You can’t blame my parents on this because it was totally not their fault). Looking back, I see my weight gain being caused by stress, comfort, and genes. I’ve always been “big”. I was one of the tallest girls in our class, I look and am built like my dad, so I mean–it has something to do with my genes. But I was always active, (perks of having an older brother), so I was always go, go, go.


It wasn’t until middle school when the weight started to build slowly. Food became a comfort for me. It was the only thing that didn’t seem to make fun of me. The stress and humiliation of middle school, the only place to look to was sports and food. You would think, that with all the sports I was doing I would thin out. Kinda. I look back at pictures now and I realize just why people made fun of me and why the boys never wanted to date me.


I was big. I was fat. And I’m not saying that to degrade myself, and should you get made fun of because of your weight? NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!!! I’m just saying I could see why. But then again, I was also a tomboy at the time (still am, but I’ve added a girlish flare too it), and so I didn’t try to make myself look pretty. I hid under those baggy clothes, and by the time I wanted to change–I was already branded.

Now don’t get me wrong, I loved high school (I know, weird–I’m probably the only person that did), but things got better and worse when I started college. I didn’t just gain the freshman 15, if I guesstimate correctly, I probably gained about 30 pounds that first year. 30 POUNDS!!! 30! O_O That was even with me doing track and swing choir!!!!


Well tired of how I looked and felt, and also tired of being yelled at by my chiropractor cause the strain this weight was causing my knees, I decided enough was enough. And that’s where this whole thing began.