Daily Ponderings:

               In starting this whole blog thing, a thought came to my mind this morning–Fitness Friday. It sounds kind of cool, and at the same time if I get a whole week of posts about my life, music, and random stuff–Fridays will be dedicated to Fitness and Health! But I will do my “Fitness Friday” tomorrow because it’s my last day of Insanity.

                I sit here eating on my Chocolate Covered Cherry Smoothie, (it actually is healthy and I put spinach in it so that makes it a salad right?) and I had a thought come to my mind while talking to a friend of mine. I mentioned how, even though I was doing well in school (keeping up with schoolwork and all) I still feel like I’m missing something. Like I’m discombobulated. It amazed me because she felt the same way, but she said that she seriously needed to spend more time with God then she was. Don’t get me wrong, I do my devotions every morning. I go through the liturgies that Pastor Brian has given our church, I do my daily scripture reading along with the psalm for the day–but I realized that there was something that I WAS missing within all this. Quiet time. I realized that even though I was back into the school jive, and I was staying connected enough to God through my devotions (my day just gets worse when I don’t do this) I need some quiet time alone in nature with God. It’s something that I take for granted of when I’m at home, and then when I get back to Denver I realize just how blessed I am to live in a place that is just silence.


Oh, I couldn’t have found a better quote then that.

(So now it’s just finding a day that’s nice, we have time, and then do a day hike at the Springs, and then end it with a milkshake from Whit’s End!! Yes, Whit’s End. My inner-child is screaming at me to go.)

This kind of brings me to my thought–and it kind of goes with Fitness Friday.


     When I think about it, I’m not getting healthy and fit to be skinny. I’m doing it

1) for my health and to break a cycle that plagues my family

2) to make sure that my genes will never dictate my jeans

3) because being overweight was not what your body was intended for

            So what does this have to do with weight loss? Well, according to what I believe, our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit. Like the picture above says, our bodies are temples and if that’s true, shouldn’t we treat them like a temple? Sacred ground? A holy place? Yes, we should. We only have one body, and even though technology and science has grown to such a state where we can make artificial organs and limbs–we still have only one body that is truly our own. And so we should remember that and treat it like the sacred thing it is. Our bodies are the temple and they are created in the image of God. So shouldn’t we make them the healthiest and best that we can?

           Now does this mean I’m going vegan or vegetarian? Oh gosh….that’s hilarious! No. I am still a totally carnivore when I want to be, but what I’m learning is that we have to remember our portion control when it comes to eating. (But I’ll touch on this tomorrow). I’m still a total bacon lover, and when the family gets together for holidays or we go to eat out for special occasions, I eat, eat, eat, and I eat unashamedly. And you know what? It’s okay to do that once in awhile, and I’ll touch more on this concept later too. 

             I just thought of this because last night my roommate brought home pizza and breadsticks. It was 9 at night and I don’t eat after 7. When I first started this whole thing, I would have grabbed two pieces and a couple breadsticks and been okay with it. But I sat there knowing that even though I felt a little hungry, and even though I really really wanted a piece, I didn’t need it and it was too late at night. That was really hard for me because (if you ask my friends and family) I LOVE pizza. Especially cheese, which is why the title is what it is. (Mikey and I share a kindred spirit. He will FOREVER be my kindred turtle). But I will eat any type of pizza on the face of the planet. So just being able to turn away an offer for it made me very proud of myself.

               These are just a few thoughts that hit me today. There will actually be more tomorrow about “Fitness Friday” and actually I hope that you really read tomorrow’s because that one will be hard for me to write, I’ll be totally opening up about some things. Love you all and don’t forget to enjoy life!