So this week I watched Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss addition which is something I never do. I like hearing about people’s weight loss journey, but it always makes me jealous because of all the weight they lose in a year. (Usually the amount of weight it has taken me 3 years to do). Don’t ask me why, but I watched it and it was an amazing story (however, I won’t go into details ’cause that will make this post HUGE). Then last night I was flipping through the channels trying to find something to watch when I came upon the  Biggest Loser. I’ve never actually been interested in the show either (because I always wish I was on the ranch sometimes) but this year caught my eye because it’s former athletes.

Through my initial shock I realized I recognized many of the people on there. WHAT?!?! They got THAT big?!?!?! OMG!!!! And they said something that caught my attention. These are athletes, the best of the best, NFL players, WNBA players, college athletes, the best of the best–and just like the rest of the America, they loss to their most dangerous opponent: weight gain. I felt something for these guys, because I know where they’re at. These are my people…my brothers and sisters…and we are in the same boat. Course, my journey is on it’s last leg for this year, and I was lucky: I didn’t gain THAT much weight but I did gain.

That brings me to my first post “Beginnings”, where I ended after my first year of college. It had to be about 30 pounds and it was 30 pounds that I never noticed I had gained until BAM there it was.


Now, don’t ask me how it happened because I really have no idea. But I knew I had to do something–especially after my chiropractor got on me. See I already have arthritis in my left knee. (Yeah I know right, a 22 year old that has arthritis) It’s due to genes though, but even though I have the Scholz knee’s the added weight was putting too much pressure on (at the time) 19 year old’s knees. Too much. 220 pounds equals about 700 pounds of pressure. (I think that’s right. For every pound your over weight, that’s 10 pounds of added pressure on your knees. If it’s wrong I’ll correct myself when I get home in November and ask again, but I’m sure that’s what he said). Anywho, I had wwwaaayyy to much pressure on my already strained knees. (I mean I have been wearing two knee braces since I was a sophomore in high school). So something needed to be done, and something needed to be done NOW.

Don’t worry, you did read it right, 220 pounds. That’s where I was sitting at, so I knew that I needed to change something so for the next week I started watching what I ate, I did the Vemma Bode plan, and I started pushing myself harder on our track workouts, doing more cardio afterwards and then taking more time to work on weights. This seemed to do some good and slowly pound for pound I got down to 195.

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I’m down to 195, when I moved to Denver in 2012 after graduating from HCC. I continued working out: running on the treadmill, elliptical, biking, hiking, weight lifting and I noticed I started to get thinner, but the weight was still there and so was the stomach. I still didn’t feel good about myself. I hated looking at myself in the mirror, I refused to go out with friends and roommates because I was embarrassed, seriously, I was utterly and totally embarrassed that I even let myself get this big! I was ashamed of myself for what I had become–I felt like I let the bullies win. I let the jokes, I let the mocks, I let everything everyone had ever said about me come true. I also knew, unfortunately, that if I wanted to make it in this industry–I was going to have seriously do SOMETHING!! I continued through the next year and the weight slowly (painfully) slowly came off. As you can imagine, I was still having problems finding something that was going to help me push ahead and over this “plateau” that I had hit.  I was sitting at home watching Dr. Oz and Shaun T came into my life for the first time. They did a 15 minute exercise–and I knew I had finally found THAT something. It reminded me of conditioning days in high school and even for track. It was tough, it was challenging, and I knew that there was something to this.


I fell in love with the workout and then found out that this was the guy who created the workout that everyone was talking about, Insanity. As I started doing the 15 minute workout all the time, I began to feel better about myself and as the days went on…I really really really wanted to do this Insanity exercise. I had seen so many info-mericals about it. But I didn’t have the money, and also I didn’t want to spend that much money on something that I was going to end up hating. So instead I got Hip-Hop Abs. (And that ladies and gentlemen is a fun workout! I’ll be going back to it once I get to my goal weight!!!) But I still needed something more because I was stuck at 180-185. Luckily, I had a roommate that became friends with some really cool girls. I was talking about how I would like to try Insanity but didn’t have the money, and that’s when I was informed that they had the workout with them. I borrowed it from them until Thanksgiving Break. And so I talked to my mom during break and we decided that it would be okay to get the workout.


Now because of school and because I was really out of shape, I wasn’t able to complete the workout in it’s fullest. So I did it just to keep on exercising, keep pushing me, and it got me down to 177 at the end of school last year. I decided to keep doing it over the summer but really didn’t kick it into high gear until July. I told myself that THIS was the time I would finish Insanity in it’s whole. And I did, and even though I didn’t lose a lot of weight during the summer–the inches came off. I finished Insanity at 164 pounds. And so now you’re caught up with me and my journey! I started T25 this week, and it’s kicking. my. butt. But that’s okay! I’m love it! Because I know that it’s going to help me get to my goal weight of 150 before Christmas break.

So let’s take the next steps together shall we? You and me? I would be happy if you would! I’ll keep you guys updated with little tips and such like that, and don’t be afraid to hit me up if you have questions.

Here’s to beating the odds, the jokes, the humiliation, the embarrassment–and knowing…

That I’m going to look DANG SEXY at that 5 year class reunion of Doniphan West Class of 2010 and to hear the boys say:


Forgive the language 😉

Here’s Fitness Friday for this week! Stay tuned and hope you enjoy the rest of the week’s posts 🙂