It’s a Tuesday, I’m in English class, and we’re learning about commas (yeah…don’t ask, it’s a touchy subject). I’m sitting here writing 1) to keep me from falling asleep and 2) because of a comment that was told to me yesterday.


I’ve never really thought about the subject of my family and how important they are too me. I mean, I’ve always known how important they are too me–I mean, these people are my flesh and blood. We share traits, name, and lineage. But yesterday, after showing off some pictures, someone made the comment to me that she was jealous of the relationship that I have with my family. The relationship I have with my family? Never really thought about it up close and personal like. I mean, I know that I have a great relationship with my family–on both sides. I love each and every one of them, even the cousins or relatives that I really don’t know that well or don’t hang out with besides family gatherings. I guess, it takes it really does take someone else mentioning it to see how blessed I truly am. My family means the world to me and yes, we can be dysfunctional, we don’t always get along, there are arguments, fights, and scats–but at the end of the day we always remember that we’re family.


I wouldn’t change a thing about this group of people that surround me. Singing today in my voice lesson, my teacher mentioned that I am rooted in who I am and I love who I am. That comes from being grounded by a Godly family that raised me the way a kid should be raised. I am truly blessed for everything that I’ve ever had, done, or will do because I know that I have family and friends that are going to stick by me and support me no matter what. A lot of people don’t have that, which makes me even more lucky.

So I just got to ask. Have you stopped and thought about your family lately? Have you called up any of them, just to talk and catch up? Called your grandparents or parents to see how their doing? Gone to some event a family member is in just to support them? As my Grandpa Harden always used to say, “we’re all born dying,” so take some time and remember that you only have one family–and you’re stuck with them. So make the best that you can with them, make memories, spend as much time as possible because we never know when we (or they) will be gone.