So yesterday, I started writing a post for my weekly “weight loss Wednesday”, but when I started typing–nothing seemed right. I didn’t like anything that I was saying, so…I decided to try again today. First off, I’ve had several messages over the last couple of weeks that surprised me. They expressed to me how this blog and my story have helped them get back on track with their own journey and how I’m an inspiration to them. I just want to take a moment and say I’m humbled that you guys would say that–you’re the reason I wanted to do this, but not only that, I want to be a part of your journey as well! I want to help you in any way I can! So if you have some questions or anything, hit me up on here or on Facebook. I want to be there for you guys like you have been there for me!! πŸ˜€


I put this picture up on my board 3 years ago….who knew that I would actually get to do it!

There’s something that I want you guys to understand, these things that I post on here and say, they seem to work for me, but I can’t say that they’ll work for you guys as well as they have for me. So today I’m going to give you guys a few tips that I’ve been doing, try them if you want, take them as a grain of salt, but if they don’t work remember…my body is mine and it’s weird, I have no idea what yours is like πŸ˜›

So my first tip is this: start a food journal

Sounds like it might be a pain, I thought it was at first, but it’s something that really does help in the end. For me the journal shows what a food journal should: what you eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and your snacks. Mine also tells me the total amount of calories that I eat for each one. (I’ll address the calorie thing in a bit). But here’s how you tell what things work, what don’t, things you probably should stay away from, and things you should add wholeheartedly. For me, it shows me what kinds of foods I put with certain exercises. Harder workouts=more carbs, lower workouts=less carbs (meaning breads and such), how many vegetables am I getting? Did I get my greens for the day? What fruits, and other stuff like that. See how helpful it can be πŸ˜‰

My second tip: make a weekly menu

This is something that I didn’t even think about doing until I started T25. By making a weekly food menu, I know exactly what meals/snacks I’m going to have for each day. For me, it’s also seeing how my high cal/low cal days are going to work. Also by planning out your weekly menu, you’re going to know exactly what you’re going to eat and so with that food journal I mentioned, these things will keep you from binging during the week. Can you say accountable?

Β Tip 3: make a shopping list

Along with that weekly menu comes the shopping list. Because you have the menu you have what you’re going to make. Knowing what you’re going to make means that you need to write down what you need and then take that list with you to the store. The list will help keep you accountable in just buying what you need, and it can also help you avoid those aisles that you might be tempted to buy things like candy or extra peanut butter (if you’re me).



Tip 4: Drink Green Tea (or tea in general but green mostly)

Between cinnamon and green tea, I think I can keep McCormick and Lipton going. It seems like every week I’m buying green tea, course I drink my coffee black and so I like the taste of a strong tea–which means I use two tea bags when I’m drinking straight green tea. My favorite thing though is brewing a cup of green tea and then adding in 2 Tbsp apple cider vinegar, 1 Tbsp lemon juice, 2 second squeeze of honey, and then CINNAMON!!!! It’s a tasty little apple cider in a cup (since I’m trying to stay away from the stuff because of the sugar….it’s so hard though). I drink this before lunch, fantastic! It contains 5 different things that help in metabolism and digestion–so check it out! But seriously, green tea is so great at boosting your metabolism, it also helps with so many other things…just drink the stuff!

So my tip 5 for this week is: Protein, protein, protein

When trying to lose weight, I have found that protein and greens, greens and protein that is what you need. Protein helps build lean muscle and then in turn lean muscle eats fat! So with every meal I make sure that there is some sort of protein, whether it’s chicken, tuna, (hamburger? πŸ˜› ), eggs, milk, protein bars, and my favorite EAS Lean protein powder! (Yes, I am going advertise here–EAS Lean Protein powder, found at Target and Walmart. It’s about $19 per jar, but it’s the best protein powder that I’ve used so far because I’m trying for that lean muscle. This powder is formulated to help in building lean protein and it’s only 100 calories for 2 scoops and it’s tasty!! Usually protein powder isn’t, but even my dad likes the taste of it).

I hope these tips might help a bit, or give you ideas as to what might help you!!! I’ll see ya’ll tomorrow because IT’S FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! (course…..I also have some midterm stuff to write and do, so I’ll have to write when I need a break πŸ˜› ) Here’s to health guys! You can do it if you put your mind too it! Just keep going and your body will reward you!! Here’s from the Farmer’s Daughter signing off πŸ˜›