It’s Wednesday!!!! It’s HUMP DAY!!!! Which means I bring you some sort of tips or something about weight loss, me, and getting fit. Realize that this week hasn’t been terrible, it actually hasn’t. It seems like Monday and Tuesday flew by, and sometimes I’m fine with this, but I was talking with my Dad on Monday and he reminded me to enjoy the time I have left in college. Kind of hard when you have a mountain of homework that doesn’t seem to be dissipating…I’m trying to do stuff and enjoy myself and not be an introvert, but seriously, this homework stuff (to put it bluntly) SUCKS!!! That and everyone keeps talking about their fall breaks and all UC Denver kids are like…..shut up…….

10155991_10154147231400347_6661346187358914889_nAnyway, I have some pics and stuff to share with you. So last week I ended the first 5 weeks of T25, and I thought I would be prepared for the Beta cycle…..HA! Only done 2 exercises and I’ve made it…but I had to stop a couple times to catch my breath. Ssssooooo I decided that I had better say on my chart that I barely made it because I didn’t fully “nail” the exercise. But the Alpha cycle, wow, much like the commercials say, if you couldn’t nail all of them by Beta I’d recommend going back for a while. 😛 I loved it though!!! Only 25 minutes a day, it’s quick motions, when you feel like dying, Shaun switches to the next exercise to keep you going. (Course after Monday and yesterday–my butt is so sore.) I’m still working on getting to my monthly goal of 155. I kind of wanted to be done to it by Friday, we’ll see, but Saturday I kind of had a run in with a spoon and peanut butter (along with pancakes) and didn’t get a good hard workout to burn off all that pb…(yes, I do have an obsession with things. Christmas, horses, John Deere, coffee, tea, chocolate, and peanut butter being the top 7).

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It’s okay though!! As my mom (bless her heart, she puts up with so much from me) told me when I was sad to see that scale go back up to 157, “don’t beat yourself up over it. Sometimes you just have those days, and so you just keep plugging because you’ve done great.” Which is true, ’cause as I realized when looking at my food journal, this time last year I was at 187–I’m at 156 this morning. That’s a 31 pound drop, and that’s something I can (and should, and am) be very proud about. You’re going to have those days when you decide to just eat, there will be those days when you don’t follow a “healthy” eating diet–but that’s cool. I actually think that you need to do that once awhile. Of course, usually these days for me are around Thanksgiving, Christmas, my birthday, going out with friends and family, or the 4th of July. I think you’re body just needs a break and indulge in sweet galore (:P ) and then that can help you take a step forward afterwards. Just don’t beat yourself up over it.

And that’s the point for this WLW, don’t beat yourself when you “mess up”. Maybe that mess up will help you get over a plateau you might be on, maybe it will remind you why you’re on this journey, maybe you just needed that one day to get you back on track…you have to decide. For me, I needed Saturday, I needed pancakes and I needed PB at the time. I know I shouldn’t emotionally eat–but that day, I did and now I’m back on track with my weight loss.

So after 5 weeks of T25 what do I look like? Well here we go: Week 1 my measurements were:

CHEST: 37″

ARMS: 10″

THIGH: 25″

BUTT: 42 1/4″

WAIST: 34 1/2″

HIPS: 39 3/4″

Week 5 results are:

CHEST: 36 1/2″

ARMS: 10″

THIGH: 21 1/2″

BUTT: 38″

WAIST: 29 3/4″

HIPS: 35 1/2″


In other news…..SQUEAL!!!!!! Today’s a big day for Royals fans as we celebrate our win last night, and then look toward tonight. As everyone keeps chanting: “we’re not going back to Baltimore!!!!” Hopefully, (knock on wood), 1 more win and we’ll be headed to the World Series!!!!!!! Crazy, I’ve waited for this moment my whole life–to actually see the Royals make it to the World Series…….I’m speechless. Course, Denver people and those I go to school with are probably like, “Lisa…shut up all ready.” But see, I can just look at them and reply, “how do you like it.” See, they’re like that all the time with the Broncos, so I can have my fun now. 😛

Have a great rest of the week guys and I’ll see you Friday!! Got some new recipes to share and some other things! So until then, wish me luck on my final midterms and let me know how you’re doing in your life!!! 😀

That’s all from this Farmer’s Daughter!