(I seriously need to stop coming up with corny little title names for the days of the week πŸ˜› )

Oh it’s Sunday, why can’t the weekend be just a bit longer? That would be nice! But now that midterms are over, here’s to looking at the downward spiral of the semester. NATS will be next weekend, final projects are starting, final assignments, extra credit (if you need it), final papers, preparing for November….the month of hell. I started breaking out with a few pimples, so I’m trying to figure out if it’s food related or my body telling me I’m stressed and I’m just masking it really well. Oh well…..I know, sometime between now and Thanksgiving break I will get out of this cursed city. I need trees, grass, clean air, open space, and most importantly–complete and totally absolute silence!!! Peace and quiet…no cars, no trains, no RTD, no neighbors up or below you, only the sounds of nature.

But anywho, hope everyone’s week went well and you are getting rested up for the next. Oh can I say, how bout them Royals?!?!?! I screamed, jumped around like a loon, and then shed a few tears. It’s a great feeling that finally I will get to see the Royals play in the World Series. It’s something to be very proud about. Proud to be a Royals fan!!

So I was going to write Friday, but things got busy, and then I was going to write yesterday and things got kind of busy again–so I finally just sat down tonight to do it because I finished all my new recipes for…last week πŸ˜›

So my first recipe I’m going to hit you up with are these little beauties. I was trying to find some egg recipes, because I was looking on my Pinterest breakfast board and saw that I had a lot of……muffins, oatmeal, and pancakes. (And thus the story of my life because these are like my 3 favorite fastest things too make, and when I find HEALTHY ones–well…day made πŸ˜‰ So I decided that I needed to find some good egg recipes, and I found these. Quick, simple, and easy. They also have my 4 favorite things in them: eggs, green onions, bacon, and Parmesan cheese (mouth watering yet?)


IMG_1760And ready for this, made with Oscar Mayer Fully cooked bacon (1 slice per cloud) and 1/4 cup Parmesan cheese=112 calories per cloud

Next, it got kind of cold and so I looked again at my breakfast board. Not really feeling up to doing tried and true oatmeals, I wanted to try something new. So I found a chocolate cherry bomb oatmeal. Yeah, you heard me right, chocolate cherry bomb and guess this: 211 calories.



Does that not just look amazing?

I bought some grapes for the chicken salad that I made. (I didn’t like it, so I’m going to have to try another recipe….might have to save some grapes then :P) But till then, I didn’t want them to go to waste, so I found this recipe for a quick and easy snack. It’s good, especially if you’re wanting something sweet and frozen. So, what you do is take grapes and stick them with toothpicks, dip them in yogurt (preferably vanilla Greek yogurt or plain Greek yogurt and then make your own flavoring to it) and then add then dip them in chia seeds. Freeze them and then enjoy!


I took the toothpicks out and then put them in a Tupperware container, easier storage.

Next I needed my “desert” for this coming week, and so I decided to try a “healthy” alternative to pumpkin bread. πŸ˜€ Yep, and the loaf I made is only 100 calories per slice!! (Which is MUCH less then what the recipe says. And I used 1 egg and coconut oil instead of what they say).



The bad part, is that the flavors blend so nicely together and they created this nice moist loaf….it’s hard to just eat 1 slice πŸ˜› (but I have to remind myself, goal weight Lisa, goal weight….)

Because of working hard all week, both working out and in school and school work, Saturdays are the days I like to give myself a treat. Both with breakfast and supper. So this Saturday, I treated myself to Pumpkin Spice French Toast and then (what I call) Cheesy Cauliflower Soup. The French toast==oh so so good. Of course, it doesn’t take the place of the original French toast like my mom makes, but it’s good for something different in the fall. I took the recipe and got the equation down to just 1 serving and the total calorie count came out to be 180 calories for these beautiful slices (minus the maple syrup, but who counts the small amount of syrup I use–thanks Dad for always making us use so little so we didn’t waste it πŸ˜› )



It doesn’t look like much, but this combined with some coffee is actually very very filling.

That night I made a cheesy cauliflower soup. Sounds so weird and you’re probably thinking “disgusting.” However dear readers, do not be put off by the fact that it has cauliflower in the title. Even I, the one who hates cauliflower without lots of cheese or ranch, actually liked this soup. (Course, it has cheese in it.) I did use a bit more chicken broth then they suggested and then I had to put some extra pepper, salt, and then some parsley in order to give it a flavor. Not that it was bad before, but I the parsley and extra seasoning really brought out flavors. And that helped take out the cauliflower taste too. I’m going to try a chowder and a roasted cauliflower soup to see which I like better, that way I can try them out on my dad.



I also made a snack today that I liked. Take half a banana and slice it up, top with a small amount of peanut butter (or PB2 as I’m experimenting with that this week), and then melt some semi-sweet or dark chocolate chips and dip the banana/PB slice in the chocolate giving it a nice coating. Freeze and then enjoy. They were eaten before I thought about taking a picture, but I bet you can imagine it.

These recipes, I really like so I hope that you guys try them and enjoy them too! If you want to see what other recipes or stuff I’m trying, you can always follow my Pinterest boards πŸ˜›

Welp, that’s all from this farmer’s daughter!! So until next time, God bless!!!!