In today’s society, we are in a constant state of going. And in a season where everybody is going and going, sometimes we forget to stop and slow down. We, as adults, during this time of year are so focused on making sure that we have the most perfect parties, the perfect meals, the perfect trees, getting the lights up, getting the perfect presents, getting here, getting there–it’s tiring just writing it all down.

America has become driven by greed and consumerism. We are driven by this philosophy of buy, buy, buy because we “need, need, need.” This causes Thanksgiving and especially Christmas to be the most stressful time of the for many people. Every where you look, from magazines and newspapers, to the internet, to TV commercials–every where it’s “YOU NEED TO BUY THIS BECAUSE YOU DO!!!” Our need to have the perfect everything has blocked out and made us forget what Christmas is all about.

In our constant state of running, we forget to stop.



Breathe. And slow down.


Even though there are a thousand things that need to be done, stop–sit beside the tree with a cup of hot coco or some egg nog. Take in the silence, take in the season, and remember what Christmas is all about. Advent is the season of waiting, preparation, anticipation, and expectation. Just as Israel waited for 400 years, so do we wait for His returning. We’re in a state of waiting; however, it’s not the question of when you wait, the question is how you wait.


So just breathe, and slow down–take a moment to enjoy Christmas, because life goes by fast enough without you rushing it along. Take as much of it in as possible and enjoy.