To start off, here is a recipe that I found very tasty after a good hard workout. I call it chocolate blueberries πŸ˜›

Take a scoop of chocolate protein powder

1/2 cup frozen blueberries

and a tiny bit of water to give the powder some smoothness (ice cream consistency with the frozen-ness of the blueberries)



I wonder if you blend it up a bit if it would BE ice cream πŸ˜€

Here’s to letting you guys in on something that my mom, me, and (at least for some of it) my dad will be undertaking this week. A while back, my mom bought this book called the Belly Fat Cure. I was in high school and didn’t think that I would like it, it would be too hard, or I just couldn’t do it. I wasn’t into that whole “health” thing. Getting my dad to do something like this–yeah…..right….but as I was talking about Friday: enjoying Christmas, food, and such it was great until that cursed scale started to inch itself back up (much to my dismay).

So mom pulled down this book again, looked at it, and then handed it to me.


As I looked at the book, and read through it–I realized that what he was saying the same thing that THM is saying. Jorge however runs his system through a S/C system. No more then 6 servings of carbs (120 grams) a day and no more then 15 grams of sugar a day. In this book, he talks about the harm of sugar (especially refined sugar) and how it causes problems with belly fat. (This is what I’m struggling with right now with these last couple of pounds and inches). He uses a carb swap system and believes that insulin is the cause of all problems. He does say that exercise is optional while following this plan, which…….in my case, increasing calories and then lowering the intensity of my workouts in order to balance my hormones, (and get Mother Nature to get back to running), this sounds good.

He talks about how you can lose up to 4-9 pounds in a week. Now, while this sounds amazing–I’m wondering if it’s actually true. (I really hope it is though….at least so that way I can lose what I gained back πŸ˜› ) The book gives 5 one week plans to follow, so we’re following the “carb lover” week, and we’ll see how this works. However, if that scale starts to inch toward 155 and over then we’ll have to do something for the rest of the Christmas season, and then start this back up at the start of the year.

Ironically, he does tell you to stay away from fruits that have high sugars (but once you get to your goal then you can add back in 2 servings of fruit). But I’ll be adding in some blueberries and banana with the blackberries and raspberries because…..every where I look they say–blueberries: the weight loss fruit. The book also gives a bunch of recipes along with some carb swap products he suggests and a carb swap food list that gives you a series of food items with the S/C for each.

(This will be hard for me considering there is fudge in the fridge, cookies in the cookie jar, and I want to make more πŸ˜› )

Now here we go people, let the one week challenge begin!!! I’ll let you know what’s happening on Wednesday and we’ll see how this goes right before the holidays πŸ˜›

Merry Christmas!!!!