So just to tell ya’ll about this blog:

I’m not a political person (so please don’t get political with me please) I just wanted to share with ya’ll basically my life story as I move through my last year of college into the “real world”.

To warn you here are some things I’ll be talking about which are a culmination of my passions:

  • My music (of course, it is my major after all)
  • Agriculture and things that go with it (I have too, just like music–I’m very passionate about farmers and farming…it’s the farmer’s daughter in me)
  • My weight loss journey
  • Books
  • Recipes
  • Sports
  • My novel
  • and just randomness in general

I hope that you guys like reading how things are going with me and what I’m up too. I also hope that I can be informative and helpful to you in any questions you may have. I also hope that if you like reading how things are going, you go to my YouTube Page or Facebook page and check out my music πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰