I have weathered colder winters, and harder summers without a drop of rain. Push me in a corner and I’ll come out fighting. I may lose but I’ll always keep my faith. Cause I’m country strong, hard to break, like the ground I grew up on. (Gwyneth Paltrow’s “Country Strong”)

I’ve always felt a call to music, almost as much as my family is called to the land–and just like the song states, I’ve weathered colder winters and the harder summers. Thus is the life of a farmer’s daughter.

Born in Kansas City and raised outside the small Kansas town of Denton, I grew up with one older brother, dad, and mom.  Growing up, David always kept my life interesting (or that could be the other way around), so I spent most of my younger days reading books, playing outside, helping my dad, swimming, playing sports, being used as David’s test dummy, trying to keep from being David’s test dummy, and learning music. Entering elementary school and middle school I was constantly bullied by the other kids on just about everything. Looking back at it now, I realize that I could have ended up in a bad way, if it wasn’t for my family and friends. Through this time, I put my mind into my school work and sports, and there was even a time when I considered playing basketball at the collegiate level. Really the only thing keeping my love for music alive was through her band and choir classes. Come senior year however, I felt that I was called on a different path– a path that used music and performing as my catalyst.

In 2010, I graduated from Doniphan West High School and moved up the street to start my two year adventure at Highland Community College. 74 credit hours and 2 years later, I graduated with my Associates of Arts and then moved to Denver where I’m attending the University of Colorado Denver–majoring in Vocal Music Performance and Music Business. As of right now I’m just trying to make it through school, become a healthier person, write music, work on my novels, and just live life.