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Sorrow Will Turn to Joy

tumblr_n6o0k4ri9i1slbk1yo1_1280It’s time!! School starts today and it’s kind of exciting to see all the kiddos again!!! So far, they’ve been very excited about continuing their music lessons and grow in their musical skills–so I hope that continues.

Last time I spoke to you guys, I talked about the fear of success. Because of that post, I have taken steps, baby ones–but still steps, to getting my dreams off the ground and flying. Of course, there have been obstacles that have popped up, but that’s normal. After all, life can’t be that simple.

All summer, I searched and searched numerous jobs, and none of them turned out like I thought they would. I started getting disappointed and frustrated that, for another year, I would be stuck in my parent’s house trying to figure out what to do. It didn’t matter how many times I prayed, what my devotions said, the reassurance of family and friends–I felt discouraged and defeated. I had writers block on my music, couldn’t find any gigs, the jobs I thought were great weren’t, family issues arose, and life just seemed to be spiraling out of control. On the way back from KC after an interview, I was just sitting quietly driving. No radio–just me, the hundreds of people in their cars, the road, and God. I was feeling discouraged and I didn’t know why, when a sentence popped in my head. “Don’t be like the Israelites wanting a king.”

Woah. Wait. Hold the spiritual telephone please–don’t be like what? Initial wondering makes you think and wonder if you came up with that on your own, but in the moment I was in, it couldn’t have been. I really feel there was a point to it, and I needed to listen. Driving along I-29, I figured, “Lisa. If you’re going to be doing something for the next 5 years while you’re building your music career–don’t you want to do something you enjoy?” (Thus my problem with job searching, I can’t just do something to get by, I want to enjoy it :/ But is that a bad thing?)

So while this was all going on, a friend of mine (and my Beachbody coach)–had reached out to me and asked if I had ever thought about being a coach myself. My initial thought was, “yes, but I don’t have the money to do it, and I don’t know anyone that would be interested in Beachbody that would even make me remotely successful in running my own business, sssooooooo what’s the point?” Of course, I never said that out loud. (Until now 😛  )  Through the couple summer challenges I had been on with her, she just subtly hinted at me about it, but she didn’t push the issue. I could tell she wanted me too, but I think that’s where she understood me. Even though we’ve never met face-to-face, and have only known each other for what…a couple of months?….she understood that I needed time. Which I did.

There is a point to all this–I swear. 😛 And it goes along with the fear of success post! 😉 (Look at me tying everything together XD)

Anywho–going back to doing something you enjoy. I wrote a bit about my personal story and how I got started in weight loss and becoming healthy. Why it was important to me and sharing my journey with the world wide web. But I think I might have missed an important point–my point for everything I do–whether it’s writing music, performing it, working out, or teaching–I want to help people! I want to help young men and women (and more elderly men and women too) reach the potential that I know they’re capable of. This is why, I finally put my foot forward and signed up as a Beachbody coach myself.

Now you’re thinking, “Holy Hercules’ ghost–another one.” WAIT!! IT’S OKAY!!!! I’m not going to bombard you with sales pitch, ’cause like I said–I want to help people!! And that’s not the only reason I became a coach– I did it because I believe in the workouts and Shakeology. I’m also becoming a personal trainer, so I need to coach people!! Both online and face-to-face.

I’m still doing music–music is my passion and what I’m called to by God. I still believe that. I’m also still writing my novels because…well, because I like writing. I need creativity and creative jobs to survive. My brain has been wired for this and I feel the most at peace when I’m in these areas and doing them. So why not just add my athletic side to that? 😉

What drives you? What passions push you forward? Who do you know that pushes you to the next level? Because writing these randoms thoughts and letting you all know I’m a Beachbody coach–that’s terrifying to me. But it’s who I am and I can’t be scared of it. Just like I can’t be scared to follow my dreams: to do music, to write books, to be me. A teacher once said, “Do what you’re passionate about and follow it with all your heart. Because there’s enough people in the world who have settled–so be amazing!”

As classes started yesterday, I was excited for some reason. I woke up this morning and turned in my substitute teacher application in and was excited. I look at my agenda and have started planning things for my students, and I’m excited. I see what I’m going to be learning in my classes–and I’m excited. I have a few people who are already interested in what I’m doing as a coach and have asked to learn more–I’m excited. I got a logo made, business cards done, 2 songs almost completed, and have met connections in this area that want to help me grow my music–I’m excited!!

If you would had told me this summer, I would feel this way right now on August 16th, 2016–I would have laughed at you. But now–no–

I’m excited!


Fear of…Success

Well hello there world wide web! Long time no hear! It’s been a couple busy months since we last spoke, and lets face it…I’m terrible at remembering to write. Course, it would help knowing what I should write about 😛 (Writer’s block anyone?)

With all the graduations that had been happening, it made me kind of think about what I would say to a graduating class should I get the chance. And this thought came to mind: what if, what if it’s not the fear of failure that holds us back from following our dreams–but rather the fear of success?

The fear of success? Is that really a thing? Can someone actually fear success? But why would they? Isn’t success the one thing we strive for? So who knows if this is actually a thing, but I think that it is possible. And I think it’s actually the one thing that has probably unconsciously kept me from pursuing my dreams to pursue my career in music. So let me explain my thoughts:

The fear of failure is obvious. If you’re really curious, this is called Atychiphobia. The fear of failure just means the we are aware that we can mess up big and so we don’t push ourselves outside of our comfort zone. We don’t want to mess up. We don’t want to fail and have people look at us with that smug, “I told you so” look. It keeps us from following our dreams and achieving what we are possible. Curiously, I looked up the fear of success and I came up with this. It is a real thing as Atychiphobia, with the same symptoms and all but instead fear of success is labeled Achievemephobia (someone correct me–Google can lie sometimes). 😛

But the question returns–why would someone be afraid of success? Again I turn to my own life this past year. I dream, I have big dreams, big plans that I would like to see my life go. I would love to sing, write songs, and perform for a living. It’s my ultimate goal in life. As I have worked a part-time job teaching, and applied to many jobs that aren’t very ‘creative’, I’ve come to know–I was meant to perform. I was created to sing. Going through school, our teachers gave us the reality that trying to work in the music industry would be hard and a lot of ground work. Failure is eminent at many steps along the way. (Fear of failure established) So the question is, how will you react and you will get right back up and ride when you get bucked off.

So fear of success? (Ok, I’m not going to say that I’m going to be the next big hit on any country radio station…..though that would totally and extremely amazing) But subconsciously I think, what if I did become successful. Doesn’t even have to be music related, just successful in general. It could mean that success may pull me away from my family. (I’m very family-oriented and seriously, I love being around my family as much as I can). Especially since my grandpa just died, I know that I only have a bit of time left with my grandma’s…but does that mean that I’m sacrificing my dreams and life to hold on to that? Success may require me to move to one of the coasts (O_O) It could mean being placed into a spotlight where people don’t agree with me, I will be judged, I will have to make big business decisions, and I’ll be pulled away from my home church.

…………….but I have a gift. Something I want to share with the world. A gift that God has given me to use to His glory, and I also don’t want to waste that. I’m a farmer’s daughter, a Kansas princess, and yes–though success could possibly pull from what and who I love….it doesn’t mean that I’ll be gone forever. Good bye isn’t forever. It’s not good-bye, it’s just see ya later. Aloha Oe.

Following your dreams are scary. There is that risk factor. There will be moments of failure, but failure teaches us that there’s always another door to go through. I read this excerpt out of a book, and it really stuck with me.”The thing about fear is that you can’t just ignore it. You can’t pretend it isn’t there, jut out your chin and keep going, because one day, right at the worst possible moment, you’ll slip and fall, and that fear will come bursting out and leave you shaking and helpless. No, the thing with fear is that you have to embrace it. You have to know it like an enemy, you have to understand how it makes you think and feel, and how much it twists your mind and reason. Once you know all that, it can’t surprise you. It can’t control you–you control it.” ~Sally Malcom (Stargate SGA-01: Rising)

Where’s all this going. I have decided that I will take that quotes advice and I won’t let fear, either of failure or success, hold me back from the journey and path that God has placed ahead of me. I don’t know where I’m going, but I know it has to do with music, and it’s something I need to share with the world. Also keeping in mind what Tim McGraw says, “Hold the door, say please, say thank you. Don’t steal, don’t cheat, don’t lie. I know you got mountains to climb, but always stay humble and kind. When those dreams you’re dreaming come to you, when the work you put in is realized. Let yourself feel the pride but, always stay humble and kind.”

Don’t fear failure, don’t fear success, know how they make you feel and you can control them. Be happy, live life, and be humble and kind.




Last night my best friend/little sister got married to the man of her dreams. I cherish that she was able to find someone like him, and I’m so happy for the both of them. Course, I am tired today but it was well worth it, and I’m so happy that she allowed me to be a part of the chapter in her life. I love her and her husband (that’s weird to say) to death, and my heart is overjoyed and overflows with happiness!!!!!!


But I have words for the new year that I felt needed to be said, not just for me to help me understand, but maybe my words can help someone else who might need them.

I would say that I’m a “strange” person. I’ve fascinated with concepts of fantasy, the unknowns of what science fiction opens up, I love watching cartoons (the good ones people–not this crap that kids have today that does nothing but rot their brains), the power of music; and at the same time I love to sit and watch a good football game or basketball game, workout, and be an athlete. In my eyes, I’m the definition of well-rounded, having one foot in the arts/geek world and the other foot in the athletic/jock world. I understand both. But this post is to my art/geek side–or more along the lines of my child-like side.

Malcolm Mitchell: a great example of a nerdy jock–like me 😀

My roommate mentioned once, “do you think as kids we knew more about life, and as we’ve grown we’ve just forgotten it all?” In my mind yes. As children we have this child-like wonder that surrounds us in everything we do. To young children, the world holds new wonders and adventures, new things that help them grow and understand–but as we become older, we become cynical as we become aware of the evil/pain that’s in the world. As kids, we knew more about life because we saw life how it was supposed to be–wrapped in wonder and we could see the beauty and mystery all around us.

So what am I trying to say: actually I’m going to let you guys in on something I feel God has told me, and maybe one of you could help me figure out what He’s trying to tell me. On my way home for Christmas break, I was listening to the audio book of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, one of my favorite books to read and listen to around Christmas. After I was done, I put in the LWW soundtrack and was just listening when I, as C.S. Lewis put it, had a”feeling like the voice she liked best in all the world was calling her name.”

It has been awhile since I heard this voice, and yes… does sound like a combination between Liam Neeson and the voice of God in The Ten Commandments. That kind of deep, warm, dangerous but loving voice. It stated the same statement that Aslan told Lucy in Prince Caspian: “we must not lie here for long. You have work in hand, and much time has been lost today.”

I felt like Lucy, I couldn’t believe it. I was finally hearing words from God (FINALLY!!) But He was using my favorite books to spread His message?! I didn’t understand until these next words came to me:

You’ve become Peter in this season of your life. You have had a hard time adjusting, I know–and you’re anxious to return back to the world you knew and grew up in…just like Peter. And just like Peter, you feel like you must figure out all these things: your path, your future, your career–because you see your life and though you believe that I’m here, you don’t believe that I have it all figured out and am ready to lead you. And you will find, just like in the story, that you cannot win without My help. You once compared yourself to Lucy dear one, and I would agree. You believed with me, followed Me with child-like faith, and you had an open mind to Me and what I can do. You still do in a way, but you’ve strayed. It’s time for you to return. Return to “Narnia”, you must find your Lucy again, because it’s time. This season is ending and it’s now time for you to come further up and further in, but you can only do this if you return to the mindset that Lucy had. For you know what Aslan says: “This was the very reason why you were brought to Narnia, that by knowing me here for a little, you may know me better there.” You have work in hand, and much time has been lost. Further up, further in.

As Isaiah writes in chapter 43:2-3, “When you pass through the waters, I will be will be with you; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow you.  When you walk through the fire, you shall not be burned, nor shall the flame scorch you.  For I am the Lord your God, the Holy One of Israel, your Savior …”

Further up, further in–my pastor gave a sermon on this and I felt like this is the words to 2015. Before going back to school, I want to find my “Lucy” again. I want that feeling of wonder back. I want to be a Wunderkind again. It’s time to walk through the woods with Aslan again, see the world and not the stable. To run further up and further in.

Rural Wonderings: Breathe…and slow down

In today’s society, we are in a constant state of going. And in a season where everybody is going and going, sometimes we forget to stop and slow down. We, as adults, during this time of year are so focused on making sure that we have the most perfect parties, the perfect meals, the perfect trees, getting the lights up, getting the perfect presents, getting here, getting there–it’s tiring just writing it all down.

America has become driven by greed and consumerism. We are driven by this philosophy of buy, buy, buy because we “need, need, need.” This causes Thanksgiving and especially Christmas to be the most stressful time of the for many people. Every where you look, from magazines and newspapers, to the internet, to TV commercials–every where it’s “YOU NEED TO BUY THIS BECAUSE YOU DO!!!” Our need to have the perfect everything has blocked out and made us forget what Christmas is all about.

In our constant state of running, we forget to stop.



Breathe. And slow down.


Even though there are a thousand things that need to be done, stop–sit beside the tree with a cup of hot coco or some egg nog. Take in the silence, take in the season, and remember what Christmas is all about. Advent is the season of waiting, preparation, anticipation, and expectation. Just as Israel waited for 400 years, so do we wait for His returning. We’re in a state of waiting; however, it’s not the question of when you wait, the question is how you wait.


So just breathe, and slow down–take a moment to enjoy Christmas, because life goes by fast enough without you rushing it along. Take as much of it in as possible and enjoy.

Cowabunga Dudes…………Pizza in the Temple of God?

              Daily Ponderings:

               In starting this whole blog thing, a thought came to my mind this morning–Fitness Friday. It sounds kind of cool, and at the same time if I get a whole week of posts about my life, music, and random stuff–Fridays will be dedicated to Fitness and Health! But I will do my “Fitness Friday” tomorrow because it’s my last day of Insanity.

                I sit here eating on my Chocolate Covered Cherry Smoothie, (it actually is healthy and I put spinach in it so that makes it a salad right?) and I had a thought come to my mind while talking to a friend of mine. I mentioned how, even though I was doing well in school (keeping up with schoolwork and all) I still feel like I’m missing something. Like I’m discombobulated. It amazed me because she felt the same way, but she said that she seriously needed to spend more time with God then she was. Don’t get me wrong, I do my devotions every morning. I go through the liturgies that Pastor Brian has given our church, I do my daily scripture reading along with the psalm for the day–but I realized that there was something that I WAS missing within all this. Quiet time. I realized that even though I was back into the school jive, and I was staying connected enough to God through my devotions (my day just gets worse when I don’t do this) I need some quiet time alone in nature with God. It’s something that I take for granted of when I’m at home, and then when I get back to Denver I realize just how blessed I am to live in a place that is just silence.


Oh, I couldn’t have found a better quote then that.

(So now it’s just finding a day that’s nice, we have time, and then do a day hike at the Springs, and then end it with a milkshake from Whit’s End!! Yes, Whit’s End. My inner-child is screaming at me to go.)

This kind of brings me to my thought–and it kind of goes with Fitness Friday.


     When I think about it, I’m not getting healthy and fit to be skinny. I’m doing it

1) for my health and to break a cycle that plagues my family

2) to make sure that my genes will never dictate my jeans

3) because being overweight was not what your body was intended for

            So what does this have to do with weight loss? Well, according to what I believe, our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit. Like the picture above says, our bodies are temples and if that’s true, shouldn’t we treat them like a temple? Sacred ground? A holy place? Yes, we should. We only have one body, and even though technology and science has grown to such a state where we can make artificial organs and limbs–we still have only one body that is truly our own. And so we should remember that and treat it like the sacred thing it is. Our bodies are the temple and they are created in the image of God. So shouldn’t we make them the healthiest and best that we can?

           Now does this mean I’m going vegan or vegetarian? Oh gosh….that’s hilarious! No. I am still a totally carnivore when I want to be, but what I’m learning is that we have to remember our portion control when it comes to eating. (But I’ll touch on this tomorrow). I’m still a total bacon lover, and when the family gets together for holidays or we go to eat out for special occasions, I eat, eat, eat, and I eat unashamedly. And you know what? It’s okay to do that once in awhile, and I’ll touch more on this concept later too. 

             I just thought of this because last night my roommate brought home pizza and breadsticks. It was 9 at night and I don’t eat after 7. When I first started this whole thing, I would have grabbed two pieces and a couple breadsticks and been okay with it. But I sat there knowing that even though I felt a little hungry, and even though I really really wanted a piece, I didn’t need it and it was too late at night. That was really hard for me because (if you ask my friends and family) I LOVE pizza. Especially cheese, which is why the title is what it is. (Mikey and I share a kindred spirit. He will FOREVER be my kindred turtle). But I will eat any type of pizza on the face of the planet. So just being able to turn away an offer for it made me very proud of myself.

               These are just a few thoughts that hit me today. There will actually be more tomorrow about “Fitness Friday” and actually I hope that you really read tomorrow’s because that one will be hard for me to write, I’ll be totally opening up about some things. Love you all and don’t forget to enjoy life!