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Beasting Up!

Ho. Ly. Cow. Where’d did the time go? I didn’t realize that I had let so much time get pass me without writing for awhile.

So what’s new? Well, I’m getting to do several gigs this year and I’m looking forward to what the new year is going to bring me job wise. This has been quite the journey of faith this past couple of years since I graduated, but I feel that I have grown. Hopefully, I have been able to become more patient in my waiting season.

But trying something interesting this Lent season! (You’re probably thinking, ‘wait, Lisa Lent? It’s not time yet!’) I want to do a spiritual challenge and a physical challenge!! Oh but it is friends, it’s right around the corner! And so for this year, I have took some time and really thought through this and I believe that what I’m going to do is give up all processed foods.


It’s not completely like the Whole 30, but kind of close. I’ve always been one for history, and I’ve really always liked the idea of living off the land. (There are days when I would like to just do that; garden veggies and deer meat) But the challenge in today’s world is that everything is…well….processed.

So I will try to update you all on this every week and tell you how it’s going!! If you’re up for a challenge as well–would you want to join me? Shoot me a message or comment below and let’s talk!!! I’d also love to get some ideas from you guys and see what you guys think!! Combining this with Body Beast should unveil interesting results I think!


Care to join? Let’s do this together!!!



Fitness Friday–Digging Deeper

“Dig Deeper!!!!!” ~Shaun T.



So today is my last day of Insanity, I mean the actual last day of Insanity! That’s right, I can officially say that I, Lisa Scholz, have fully completed the 60 day challenge. Took me a whole year, but I did it!!!!! Because of school and because I was seriously just out of shape. I finished and started 3 different times. This time though, I finally finished the whole way through. No stopping, going all the way, digging deeper, and just challenging myself to do it! Here’s my results before going into my thoughts for today (which would usually be a Friday from now on).




(I got a wide rib cage and it drives me nuts because sometimes I can’t even tell if anything has changed)

Now, it might not look like there is much change (or maybe it’s just me…sometimes) but it’s there in person. It’s been a tough journey, but I’m not done yet. Not even close. This is just the start of a new chapter in my weight loss journey. But here’s what I kind of wanted to talk about today…food.

I’m getting ready to start up T25 on Monday, and I was looking at the 5 day start-up that comes with the workout. The first thing that comes to my mind is, “dang…that’s a lot of food.” Really? That’s all I can think about? And then I realized, yes…and I have a serious problem. This summer I ate almost whatever I wanted. 4th of July came and I pigged out but didn’t feel bad about it because at the same time, ever since I got home I had been watching my portions/I drank a LOT of smoothies. My last week at home I did the same thing in order to make sure that I “saved” my calories for the nights at the fair. Since I’ve been back at school (for about 4 weeks now), really all I’ve had is smoothies and small stuff. I see the food that they are suggesting to eat and I’m like, “crap….I haven’t eaten over 1000 calories in……..months”. It’s true. And apparently I’m a bad girl for it. According to like, everyone important in the fitness world, you aren’t supposed to go under 1,200 calories or your body goes into starvation mode. (hhmmmm maybe that’s why it took me so long to get over my plateau…) But every time I get over 800 calories, I start to lose weight. Course you have to understand, it’s not that I’m not eating. I am. I came up with this concept–don’t count the calories in veggies and fruits.

That’s probably why my calorie count is so low, because I have started packing my diet with greens as much as possible. Not only that, but I came up with a whole new concept. Everyone always says, “eat 5-6 times a day to keep your body in high burning mode”. Not arguing with that, for some people that is EXACTLY what they need to do, but for me–I found that it didn’t work. So what I started doing was only eating when I actually feel hungry. And actually tracking my calories actually stressed me out, and so that didn’t help with me losing weight. So I’ve stopped counting calories all together. I still look at the labels to see how many each serving is, but that’s just about it. I don’t keep track on a daily basis and I think that that has REALLY helped me.

I heard from someone (I think it was Daphne Oz) that when your stomach growls, it’s not actually saying that it’s hungry. It’s actually your stomach finally getting rid of the stuff in your stomach, telling you that it’s almost done digesting what you just ate. (Makes sense right? Didn’t your mom ever tell you, “you’re not actually hungry, drink some water”. Or was that just my mom?)

But if it was just my mom, she was right. So when I feel like I’m getting hungry (but then again, I’m not) I grab my water bottle and drink some water. I think that’s something good to remember–H20, very, very, very important when it comes to living a healthy life.

Ok, so what is my whole point about food? Don’t be scared of it! I admit that I am, and I hate myself for it sometimes. When I gain weight I blame myself for eating too much, even if I actually didn’t eat that much that day. My Pinterest boards are littered with food and recipes that I am DYING to try, but I haven’t tried any of them because of this fact– I’m afraid I’m going to gain weight.

So don’t be scared of food, don’t let food scare you. Embrace it, but be smart!! There’s the key! I have learned that I can’t eat just to eat when I feel bad or just do it to do it. But at the same time, I can’t be afraid to eat those foods that are good for me and enjoy my life.

So there’s my thoughts for the first Fitness Friday…Saturday….whatever…here’s to the next chapter! T25 and getting back to real food 😛

And here’s to you Shaun T for making me dig deeper!!