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Walk Boldly On

It’s amazing how fast time flies when you have so much stuff to do…or it just feels like there’s a lot of stuff to do. 😛

HA! Anyway, everyone is busy, busy, busy, especially all you farm families out there–how’s this rain effecting you guys? Dad was not a happy camper when we woke up this morning and saw that it had indeed rained last night. (Rain, rain go away–my dad’s getting antsy, so come out when the crops are out, so on another day!!)

Oh the joys of farming, it keeps us on our toes! On our toes…oh yeah, that brings me back to what I was saying before. So, I realized that I’ve been terrible about updating you guys on my 22 Hard Corps journey–so I thought that I would shove weeks 2-5 in a short post (yes it will be short…as short as I usually make them XD )

Week 2-4 was continuing on what was established with Week 1 (Cardio 1 and 2, Core 1, Resistance 1 and 2) and I was very please with how I was starting to feel stronger and stronger each week.

But seriously, we have those weeks where things come up and workouts kind of slack. (We’re human after all, it happens). I did get them in, but I knew for a fact that there wasn’t as much “GUNG HO!!!” as there was in the previous weeks. And then to top it all off, there was a plethora of events that started stacking up since October started. Huge anatomy exams on a Monday, Nutrition Exam on a Wednesday….blah….and then weddings and gigs on Saturdays, or just wedding gig this Saturday, church–guys, I will tell you and I feel no shame in it….I was an emotional eating mess.

It was small stuff, not as bad as I was when I was in middle school, high school, or my first 2 years of college–but the peanut butter was gone in a matter of 2 days. That’s been the story through week 5–and to top it off, the workouts got harder. This isn’t bad, but it didn’t help the mindset that I would be fine working out and then go eat whatever I want. (State of Lisa’s mind a lot). Resistance 3, Cardio 3, and Core 2 were introduced…and actually I kind of like the 3’s. There’s something about working out as such a faster pace that makes those 22 minutes fly by.

Through all of my ups and down on this journey, that’s probably been the stable fact for me. Every day, I know that I can put in just 32 minutes a day. That no matter what happens the rest of the day–that’s a sure fact. Most of the time, that’s my best stress-reliever right now. Getting out all my frustrations right there, and as my coach used to say, “leave it all on the court.”

This week, I have made goals for myself to 1)push even harder in my workouts 2) stick with what I have meal prepped and NO SNACKING ON PB!!!! and 3) relax, breathe, and through everything and with everything going on–don’t forget to take a few moments for myself. Did that yesterday and today, and right now I feel probably the most calm I have in 2 weeks.

So whatever you guys are going through, keep pushing through. Even if it’s just something small–keep going!!! Everything has it’s time, and the light is always at the end of the tunnel. There’s a quote I found and I really liked it, “Most obstacles melt away when we make up our minds to walk boldly through them.”

No matter what happens this week, make up your mind to walk boldly, heads held high, shoulders back, and heart out. Dig deep, go hardcore, and be amazing!! Because I think you’re all amazing!!!! Each and everyone of is fantastic, so go show the world how fantastic you really are! Through thick and thin, highs and lows, you will prevail, you will always prevail!!!! ❤



Aloha my people!!!!! Wow….whoever said time flies when you’re having fun, really needs to work on their definition of ‘fun’. Though…I guess I can’t complain too much. I have had some pretty fun moments since my last post. *thinking* Okay….maybe not too much fun 😛 It’s actually been a pretty “on the nerves” couple of weeks for me as I have been trying to balance my music career (finding gigs, the need to write songs but not doing it, practicing, and trying to manage social media), along with teaching lessons both on campus and to my private studio kids, then the numerous hours I have to put into anatomy and my nutrition homework, trying to help out around the house, harvest is starting, and last but not least–volunteering at the church and bible study….it seems that the moment I get home I just want to binge Netflix (which is what I do), instead of starting the next thing. And along with that, binge eating.

Oh the two things I need to work on: shutting myself off from the world with my writing, reading, and Netflix, and binge eating. So needless to say, though the last 4 weeks, I am starting to see some results from my 22 Hard Corps work–it’s like people say, “abs are made in the kitchen”. It’s 20% exercise, 80% food that makes the body you want. And yes, you can overdo even the healthy stuff. (PB anyone?)


Yesterday I was thinking about these things. I want to grow my music career, but I’m not writing or practicing my guitar. I want to help as many people as I can through my BB Coaching, but I’m too scared to reach out. Instead, I Netflix and avoid everything because I don’t want to think about it. Okay, so I’ve written down my problems–and the only reason I’ve done this is so that you guys can keep me accountable for myself.

I’ve found, that even with my busy schedule, I still manage to get at least 30 to an hour of working out everyday. It’s become a habit, something that, really, my day either starts badly or ends badly if I don’t do it. It’s 2% of my day that I’ve dedicated  to strictly making sure I get that workout in. However, even though I am dedicated to my workouts–I am living proof that it’s the 80% kitchen work that can hold you back in your endeavors. So this week, I’m making a pledge to stick to my meal prep and to really push through my 22 Hard Corps workouts.

Not only making sure that I stick to my workouts and meal prep, but I want to really emphasize on taking that mentality of 2% of my day to working out and applying that to the rest of my life. 2% of my time with God every morning, 4% to practice my guitar, 4% to writing my music, and the list goes on. This way, these too, become a habit that I form which can not be broken.


So can I trust you all to keep me accountable to these things? Can I ask that you write me and say, did you stay true to your meal prep? Did you push harder in your workouts? Did you practice and write today? Join me and keep me accountable, because it’s only as a community that we succeed. Only has one will we survive. You push me to make it to my goals and I’ll push you!!

By the way, speaking of pushing–if you would like to see what the 22 Hard Corps workouts look like, here’s a link that you can go to and join the group and see exactly what happens during the week 😀 ( )


Have a happy Monday and Tuesday everyone!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

Fear of…Success

Well hello there world wide web! Long time no hear! It’s been a couple busy months since we last spoke, and lets face it…I’m terrible at remembering to write. Course, it would help knowing what I should write about 😛 (Writer’s block anyone?)

With all the graduations that had been happening, it made me kind of think about what I would say to a graduating class should I get the chance. And this thought came to mind: what if, what if it’s not the fear of failure that holds us back from following our dreams–but rather the fear of success?

The fear of success? Is that really a thing? Can someone actually fear success? But why would they? Isn’t success the one thing we strive for? So who knows if this is actually a thing, but I think that it is possible. And I think it’s actually the one thing that has probably unconsciously kept me from pursuing my dreams to pursue my career in music. So let me explain my thoughts:

The fear of failure is obvious. If you’re really curious, this is called Atychiphobia. The fear of failure just means the we are aware that we can mess up big and so we don’t push ourselves outside of our comfort zone. We don’t want to mess up. We don’t want to fail and have people look at us with that smug, “I told you so” look. It keeps us from following our dreams and achieving what we are possible. Curiously, I looked up the fear of success and I came up with this. It is a real thing as Atychiphobia, with the same symptoms and all but instead fear of success is labeled Achievemephobia (someone correct me–Google can lie sometimes). 😛

But the question returns–why would someone be afraid of success? Again I turn to my own life this past year. I dream, I have big dreams, big plans that I would like to see my life go. I would love to sing, write songs, and perform for a living. It’s my ultimate goal in life. As I have worked a part-time job teaching, and applied to many jobs that aren’t very ‘creative’, I’ve come to know–I was meant to perform. I was created to sing. Going through school, our teachers gave us the reality that trying to work in the music industry would be hard and a lot of ground work. Failure is eminent at many steps along the way. (Fear of failure established) So the question is, how will you react and you will get right back up and ride when you get bucked off.

So fear of success? (Ok, I’m not going to say that I’m going to be the next big hit on any country radio station…..though that would totally and extremely amazing) But subconsciously I think, what if I did become successful. Doesn’t even have to be music related, just successful in general. It could mean that success may pull me away from my family. (I’m very family-oriented and seriously, I love being around my family as much as I can). Especially since my grandpa just died, I know that I only have a bit of time left with my grandma’s…but does that mean that I’m sacrificing my dreams and life to hold on to that? Success may require me to move to one of the coasts (O_O) It could mean being placed into a spotlight where people don’t agree with me, I will be judged, I will have to make big business decisions, and I’ll be pulled away from my home church.

…………….but I have a gift. Something I want to share with the world. A gift that God has given me to use to His glory, and I also don’t want to waste that. I’m a farmer’s daughter, a Kansas princess, and yes–though success could possibly pull from what and who I love….it doesn’t mean that I’ll be gone forever. Good bye isn’t forever. It’s not good-bye, it’s just see ya later. Aloha Oe.

Following your dreams are scary. There is that risk factor. There will be moments of failure, but failure teaches us that there’s always another door to go through. I read this excerpt out of a book, and it really stuck with me.”The thing about fear is that you can’t just ignore it. You can’t pretend it isn’t there, jut out your chin and keep going, because one day, right at the worst possible moment, you’ll slip and fall, and that fear will come bursting out and leave you shaking and helpless. No, the thing with fear is that you have to embrace it. You have to know it like an enemy, you have to understand how it makes you think and feel, and how much it twists your mind and reason. Once you know all that, it can’t surprise you. It can’t control you–you control it.” ~Sally Malcom (Stargate SGA-01: Rising)

Where’s all this going. I have decided that I will take that quotes advice and I won’t let fear, either of failure or success, hold me back from the journey and path that God has placed ahead of me. I don’t know where I’m going, but I know it has to do with music, and it’s something I need to share with the world. Also keeping in mind what Tim McGraw says, “Hold the door, say please, say thank you. Don’t steal, don’t cheat, don’t lie. I know you got mountains to climb, but always stay humble and kind. When those dreams you’re dreaming come to you, when the work you put in is realized. Let yourself feel the pride but, always stay humble and kind.”

Don’t fear failure, don’t fear success, know how they make you feel and you can control them. Be happy, live life, and be humble and kind.



Forever Blue and Gold–Why I’m proud to be an FFA Alumni


Many people might think that this blog is just all about weight loss and recipes…..kind of true, but I also want to make sure that I include the other life stuff that I promised. I changed my title to the “Farmer’s Daughter”, not because I like the ring it has, but because it’s also who I am. And even though I have a love for music and it’s what I’m getting my degrees in, I also have this massive love for farming and the things that go with it. And I feel that I’ll be able to help raise awareness in farming, 4-H, and FFA through my music. (Yes, I was also in 4-H, but that’s a WHOLE other post 😉 ).

I remember when I first came to Denver and I wore my FFA alumni shirt. People looked at me with strange looks and would ask, “what does that mean?” It struck me as odd, because I just assumed that everyone knew what FFA was, and that when they saw the gold and blue they understood what it meant. (……apparently not…..) So I would proudly tell them what it was, and then some would just nod their heads and say, “that’s nice.” And then some people would actually start laughing and tell me it sounded like a waste of time. (To which I would just say, “Well I’m proud of it,” and walk away–even though I would have liked to say some more things 😛 ). Everyone kind of does their own “why FFA is important”, so I figured with it being National FFA Week–I would give my reasons why FFA is important to me.


In high school, being in FFA was probably more of the popular thing to do. (Oh the peer pressure of a small town school). But the fact that the Doniphan West FFA chapter was a force to contend with, it was more of a pride thing for us. We were the chapter that swept contests; all of us placing high in rankings, getting numerous awards, numerous members (including myself) received our State FFA Degrees, and a few of us even getting our American Degree. I remember that, our rival schools also became our rival chapters–we had to beat them, and they were always trying to beat us. We prided ourselves on the size of our chapter, and that, at one point, we were the 3rd (…or was it 5th) biggest chapter in the state of Kansas. Weird enough, could you believe how excited we got when our jackets finally came in! You’re like, “it’s a jacket.” No, no, no– it’s not just a jacket, it’s a statement. This jacket connects you to millions of other people nationwide, and it allows you to create memories. I personally have so many memories from every trip, CDE (Career Development Event), and convention that we went too. Especially D-West’s favorite– Hey Cow!


We pride ourselves on those jackets. (We call them the money jackets, because we would always find money in the pockets when we weren’t expecting it. 😛 )


My last year of the Kansas State FFA Convention at Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas

FFA does stand for Future Farmer’s of America, but it’s not an organization just for those kids who want to become production farmers when they grow up. FFA is great because it welcomes everyone, whether they want to be entrepreneurs, teachers, doctors, scientists, music business ( 😉 ), etc. Which means, that we aren’t just the “Future Farmers”, but FFA supplies America with our future veterinarians, biologists, artists, teachers, chemists, and whatever else our future generation puts their mind to do. FFA is there to provide a path of achievement for students through personal growth, leadership, and learning through the act of agricultural education.

Since the founding of FFA in 1928, each of the 50 states and 2 U.S. territories have chartered chapters within their borders. Millions of students have donned the Blue and Gold corduroy jackets, completed their degrees, and participated in thousands of contests and conventions. And it’s still doing the coolest thing ever: helping students grow.


The 1st paragraph of the FFA Creed (had to memorize this and still remember most of it–but this is probably my favorite paragraph)!

While in FFA, I held 3 different officer positions, was able to place high at numerous CDE’s, was a member of the Kansas State Convention chorus (yeah that’s right. FFA has band and choir too!!! 😀 ), received my State Degree, and it has shaped me into the person I am today. It helped strengthen my love for agricultural–and though I know I’m not going directly into the field, I feel FFA (by encouraging music), I can still help the world of agricultural and farming through my music. This is where I grew up, it’s who I am, it’s in my blood, and as the saying goes, “you can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl”.

FFA teaches, through SAE’s (Supervised Agricultural Experience) and CDE’s, students about the agricultural world–when many of them would have never been exposed to it if they hadn’t been in the organization. FFA teaches leadership, responsibility, teamwork, dedication, management, record-keeping, organization, management, and other life skills that you’ll use in the future. Your FFA advisor becomes one of the most influential people in your life. I know personal that Mr. Schmitz (or Schmity as we loved to call him), pushed me in everything that I did. He expected me to do my best and to be up at the top–he wanted to see each one of us succeed, and I think that’s what makes him one of the best advisor’s in Kansas!!! And did I mention that FFA will provide you with life-long friends?

These things that I’ve mentioned are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this organization. It’s has such a deep and rich history, and I am so proud to be a part of this history–even if it was just for a short time and just a small part! Oh and another thing–one of the saddest things ever is the last time you get to wear that jacket. It’s just like the last game, play, concert, anything your senior year–the last time you get to wear that jacket is one of the saddest, and you realize how much you’re going to miss it!

This is FFA, and this is why I feel it’s important. Not only that, but FFA is here–

“To practice brotherhood, honor agricultural opportunities and responsibilities. And to develop those qualities of leadership which an FFA member should possess.”

And the last and most important thing that FFA members learn and take into the real world is stated in the FFA motto:

Learning to do

Doing to Learn,

Earning to Live,

Living to Serve


To the Man Who Made Me Who I Am


I was sitting here thinking about all the names that we give the days of the week: Man Candy Monday, Transformation Tuesday, Woman Candy Wednesday, Throwback Thursday, Flashback Friday… I came up with Weight Loss Wednesday, Fitness Friday, and Slim Saturday. My prayer in life, is that when I get kids they won’t find that being a MCM or a WCW is the greatest thing in the world. I want them to realize that no matter what, they are handsome and beautiful no matter what anyone else says. But in honor of MCM ( 😛 ), I want to talk about the man who made me: my daddy.


Being the only girl in the family does have perks, course so does having an older brother. Because not only is the above true about my dad, but David did the same thing–in his strangely, brotherly kind of way. Course, there are regrets about being that annoying “baby sister”, I wish I could go back in time and fix that–cause I believe it effected my relationship with my bro, to the point that we don’t have the brother/sister relationship I would want. (But I’ll talk about David later on in life, this is about my dad HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!)

My dad is probably the hardest working man that I know, and even though my brother and I might absolutely hate his guts sometimes–we can’t deny that he has done so much for us. He’s always been there for us. Taught us how to shoot, dribble, throw a baseball, bat properly, change the oil in our cars, the meaning between right and wrong, love God, be a Godly man and woman, love the land, love each other, love our family, and every other thing that dad’s should teach their kids. I can’t imagine my life without my dad and in my opinion (I can’t speak for my brother) Dad has given us an example of what a man should be like. He’s given us the model of what it means to be a hard worker, how to roll with life’s punches, what it means to be a neighbor. He’s given me the example of how a many should treat a woman, and some day I’ll find my Prince Charming, but Daddy will always be the king of my heart (right behind Jesus of course 😉 ).


I might be getting a bit mushy because it’s my dad and I can’t just not get mushy when doing so. I’m the chip off the old block, two people that are so alike that it made my grandma laugh one day at my grandpa, “Roy. Did you really think you could put 2 Scholz’s in the same room, let alone 3, and expect them not to butt heads and none of them agree?!” Then she started quietly laughing. It’s true. I have the blood of probably the three most stubborn cultures in the world: the Irish, Scots, and the Germans. But even though sometimes my dad and I don’t get along and we butt heads, yell at each other so the neighbors can hear, glare at each other, and give each other the silent treatment–we still love each other that we’ll come home, eat dinner and supper together as a family, and then cuddle on the couch.

I’m glad I have the relationship that I have with my dad, and I really wouldn’t want it any other way. I can’t imagine my life without him, and because I know a lot of people who have lost their dads…I celebrate each day I get to have with him. Even if I’m 600 miles (8 hours) away. So I challenge you, because I personally know so many dad’s that have gone on, I want you to take a moment and think of yours. Have you called him today? Thought about him? If you’re estranged from him–have you tried to patch things up? I know it can be tough, but you only have one dad, and like it or not–he’s yours.

Course it’s easy for me, I love my dad!! 🙂 And I know he has my back through everything I do, and that I’m truly thankful and grateful for!!! (Even when he gives Dave and I a hard time about stuff because he knows it annoys the crap out of us……………………..I might come to a point where I want to tell him to shut up…………)

So here’s to the man who taught me all I know, who made me who I am, and who taught me that it’s okay to listen to Christmas music in October! Love ya Daddy!!! You’re my hero!

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Monday Musings: Country Home

Last Friday marked the two year anniversary of the death of a classmate and friend, and for some reason I always have to listen to Nickleback’s Photograph and Frankie Ballard’s Helluva Life. One is our “class song” the other….you could say, really nails our lives back home. I also think that Dyllon would have liked it. Thinking about these things, it’s kind of hard to believe that 1) our 5 year class reunion is coming up next year. (Yeah it’s hard to believe that it’s been 5 years since this picture was taken). And 2) we’ve already lost one of our own.


It kind of puts things in perspective when you think about it. How fast time goes by and then how fast it can be gone. It also amazes me what it takes for us to realize just exactly what we have in life. I was talking with one of my best friends over the past couple of days. She goes to school in Wichita and was home visiting her family for the weekend. (Of course, I told her that I was jealous). It struck me dumb-founded though when she told me that she was actually thinking of moving home when school was done. This was one of the kids who swore that they would never come back. Course, it took me coming to Denver to realize how much home really does mean to me. So both of us are in the same boat, we miss home.

So, it was actually my dear friend that got me started back up in what I needed to do. Listening to country music, writing on my novel again, thinking about home, and writing my own music. That’s what I needed–someone to talk to and to inspire me. The problem is, it’s fall–which means harvest season is starting up back home. This is my favorite time of year. Football games on Friday nights, the crisp air starting to settle in, the sound of the bins at night, the changing of the leaves, bonfires, s’mores, friends, family–I miss it all. It’s not here in the city, but I think being here really helped me to realize what I like about home, about being there and being a part of it.

It probably sounds strange with the career choice that I’ve made, but then again who knows what’s going to happen. God has everything planned out for me, but He also knows the desires of my heart. Traveling the world as a performing artist would be AMAZING, and yes, I would miss home terribly. But…if doing that and then settling down with my future husband and raising a family in Doniphan County….my life would be complete. I want to raise my children the way Dad and Mom raised Dave and me. Sounds strange, but I wouldn’t mind marrying a good ol’ boy (actually I would prefer it…which would explain why I’m still single 😛 )

I know of a lot of famous singers who did this. They didn’t have to live in Nashville or Los Angeles in order to fullfill their dreams. (Course they were famous too) But that gives me something to strive for. I mean, this place is who I am. Alabama said it best, “I was born country, and that’s what I’ll always be. Like the rivers and the woodlands wild and free. I’ve got a hundred years of down-home running through my blood. I was born country, and this countries what I love.” I want my kids to experience this life, and not just when we visit “Grandpa and Grandma Scholz” (ok…..that was seriously really weird to type out……) but seriously, I think being raised in that lifestyle creates you into a person that is special. We might be “slow” to the city people, but I love it. It’s made me more open to the outside world around me, because I have a strong base. It’s a place where faith, family, and community still live strong. It’s a place where honesty still thrives. It’s the Heartland, the heartbeat of America–it’s home.

So I will write and sing about it, even if it hurts my soul because I can’t be there. But I think letting myself fall into those feelings will help in the sadness. Remembering, thinking, bringing to life all those aspects that I love so much….it will bring home to me, even under these city lights. So tonight, I think of my classmates, my school, my friends, my family, my small towns, and most importantly….my country home.