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Aloha my people!!!!! Wow….whoever said time flies when you’re having fun, really needs to work on their definition of ‘fun’. Though…I guess I can’t complain too much. I have had some pretty fun moments since my last post. *thinking* Okay….maybe not too much fun 😛 It’s actually been a pretty “on the nerves” couple of weeks for me as I have been trying to balance my music career (finding gigs, the need to write songs but not doing it, practicing, and trying to manage social media), along with teaching lessons both on campus and to my private studio kids, then the numerous hours I have to put into anatomy and my nutrition homework, trying to help out around the house, harvest is starting, and last but not least–volunteering at the church and bible study….it seems that the moment I get home I just want to binge Netflix (which is what I do), instead of starting the next thing. And along with that, binge eating.

Oh the two things I need to work on: shutting myself off from the world with my writing, reading, and Netflix, and binge eating. So needless to say, though the last 4 weeks, I am starting to see some results from my 22 Hard Corps work–it’s like people say, “abs are made in the kitchen”. It’s 20% exercise, 80% food that makes the body you want. And yes, you can overdo even the healthy stuff. (PB anyone?)


Yesterday I was thinking about these things. I want to grow my music career, but I’m not writing or practicing my guitar. I want to help as many people as I can through my BB Coaching, but I’m too scared to reach out. Instead, I Netflix and avoid everything because I don’t want to think about it. Okay, so I’ve written down my problems–and the only reason I’ve done this is so that you guys can keep me accountable for myself.

I’ve found, that even with my busy schedule, I still manage to get at least 30 to an hour of working out everyday. It’s become a habit, something that, really, my day either starts badly or ends badly if I don’t do it. It’s 2% of my day that I’ve dedicated  to strictly making sure I get that workout in. However, even though I am dedicated to my workouts–I am living proof that it’s the 80% kitchen work that can hold you back in your endeavors. So this week, I’m making a pledge to stick to my meal prep and to really push through my 22 Hard Corps workouts.

Not only making sure that I stick to my workouts and meal prep, but I want to really emphasize on taking that mentality of 2% of my day to working out and applying that to the rest of my life. 2% of my time with God every morning, 4% to practice my guitar, 4% to writing my music, and the list goes on. This way, these too, become a habit that I form which can not be broken.


So can I trust you all to keep me accountable to these things? Can I ask that you write me and say, did you stay true to your meal prep? Did you push harder in your workouts? Did you practice and write today? Join me and keep me accountable, because it’s only as a community that we succeed. Only has one will we survive. You push me to make it to my goals and I’ll push you!!

By the way, speaking of pushing–if you would like to see what the 22 Hard Corps workouts look like, here’s a link that you can go to and join the group and see exactly what happens during the week 😀 ( )


Have a happy Monday and Tuesday everyone!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀


Living in the Now

Good Morning Beautifuls!!! It’s a rainy Tuesday morning here in Kansas, and it’s making some farmers (*cough cough..”dad”*) very antsy about having to wait again for the corn to dry out so harvest can begin. Then the non-stop slightly controlled chaos begins XD

This morning, I was thinking of my future (as you have gotten that is the main theme seemingly of this entire blog 😛 ) and I came across this quote (and yes…it’s from Star Wars):


I was talking to my cousin for just a few short seconds, but it’s why I love him so much–because he can sum things up in a few seconds. But we were talking about our futures and stuff, and he told me that if he could go back in time, he would have walked out of his job because he was unhappy with it and found something he loved doing. Advice being: find something you love and take “risks” in your 20s, so in your 30s you’re doing what you love and can be happy with it.

Check, check! As we found out–that was what I needed to do this summer and what I decided to do with working toward building my music career, Beachbody coaching, and personal training career. These are things that make me happy and I enjoy doing them. But don’t get me wrong–there’s still stress there. For instance: there’s this crazy little piece of paper that seemingly controls our lives–yes, I mean money.

All these things I love doing require the greenbacks, the dough, the moolah: but as I learned at school–it will take more shelling out at the beginning before you see the “refund” later. But let’s be honest, that shelling out is hard to do. I mean, I’m 24, single, living in my parents house because I don’t have any cash to shell….it wears on a person, it wears on me. But why should I be anxious for the future. What will that get me? Nowhere. I’m an 8 on the Enneagram which means I like challenging and being in control–but I see that I can’t be in control if I really want to succeed. So I have to trust that the One I trust in has it all in control and that my future is what it is: yet to come.


Yes, I’m shelling out money, but in the end I’m creating relationships and connecting with people I would have never even thought about contacting before. I’m helping people on a physical, mental, and soulful level–which is what I want. So what’s my point?

My point is that I’m taking everyone’s advice:


And like the quote said above, “Be mindful of the future, but not at the expense of the moment.”

Live in the moment, be present. In our world today, we are delved into our technology (computers, phones, tablets), that we miss nature around us or meeting new people next to us. We miss out on experiences because we are afraid of the risks involved. Don’t be afraid!!! Take risks (smart ones!!!), live life, meet new people, go for walks with no music, connect with nature, take trips, travel to new places, try new things–LIVE!!! Be in the moment and the future will take care of itself.

I’m saying this to myself. Because I need to hear it. It will all work out and I’ll be fine. I’m smart with my spending habits and savings, so that way I can take trips, do things, and (yes) shell out money to the things I’m building.

So have a great Tuesday everyone!! And don’t forget–live in the moment today!!!!!


Let’s Make 2016 One to Remember

Like every year, January 1st is always the day when most of the mass population of the human race decide to write down those pesky little things known as resolutions. I, for one, am no different. I have always done these things and they never seem to pan out–but I have a feeling that this year will be different.

Well…… can hope 😛

One of my resolutions is to write more. Though, it’s hard to write when you feel you have nothing new to say. That’s how I felt after June–there was no more motivation for me too. I seemed to continue writing about the same things, without any answers or solutions to the problems I was facing. Of course, things did get kind of hectic with the last semester of school, but I felt like I was reaching what I wanted to do.

I’m still not quite sure what I want this blog to be–I started out not knowing what to write about, and then it turned into a failing fitness blog. So with the start of the new year, I thought–I need to start this back up. Going to school as a student is done (for now), it’s time to really start hitting the pavement to get my career going. I think this blog can really help–though with the amount of social media one has to go through, an artist really needs a social media guru just to keep up.

With this in mind, I really want to make this blog into a story of my building of my career, my ups and down in life, finishing and succeeding (notice I said succeeding 😉 ) my weight loss journey, recipes, and everything that’s…..well…me. The question is–how to make this blog me? That’s hardest part of any blog (as in any music career or career in general). It’s coming up with something that makes you different from everyone else. What sets you apart from the mass amount of people that blog? (Hey look Mom, I did learn something in school!!!!! 😉 ) Thus let’s just start with the basics–let’s bring in the new year with those pesky little things–my 2016 Resolutions.

  • Spend time with God, first thing, everyday
    • This is important to me, as it should have been even after graduation. I’ve come to the conclusion that home gives a sense of security, and that security doesn’t allow the fear or doubt creep in like it does when I was away at school. Thus my time with God started to dwindle less and less until now–it feels like He’s not even around. I know He is, I never doubt that, but I just can’t feel him. My pastor gave some encouraging words about this and I felt it was meant for me to hear. Just like the message I received last December in the voice of Aslan–I think this is the year that that comes to pass, because these words have still been going through my mind, even up too now.
  • Get to writing my own music
    • It’s my degree. It’s what I want to do with my life. It’s what I love to do……so why do I keep procrastinating on this stuff–well…because I unconsciously love to procrastinate…….bad combo. I want to get as many as I can, so I can make my first EP and then start doing some coffee shop/small shows/gigs/parties and such.
  • Stay in contact with my friends/family better 
    • These people are important to me (you guys know who you are) and I wouldn’t be where I am without them. But I’m a ’90s kid, and for some reason my brain keeps forgetting that I now live in the world of Facebook, Skype, Email, and text message. There are thousands of ways to stay in touch. I love snail mail….but there’s no excuse for me to be losing contact with them. I want to be a part of their lives and I want them to be a part of mine.
  • Read more books
    • This was my favorite past-time as a kid and I need to gain it back. Reading is good for the soul, brain, and mind. I’ve missed it.
  • Finish my novel
    • That’s right–last November I started a Revolutionary War spy novel–and I really want to finish it. Out of all the novels I’ve written, this has been my favorite. I might be tooting my own horn, but I do think it’s pretty fun.
  • Finally reach that fitness goal I’ve been wanting for 4 years
    • Last but not least. I think everybody puts this resolution somewhere; however, I have a new goal. I’m going to Hawaii in March–and ladies and gents, I need to look good in that new bikini!!!!! 😀 My cousins told me about this plan that they follow and absolutely love. I looked into it, started doing some workouts with them and kind of following their nutrition plan. I fell in love with it and had to become a member of the team. I’ll talk about that later, but I really believe that this is the step I need to reach that final goal! I’m really excited about it.

These are just a few of my New Years Resolutions and I hope that you all had a Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!! Here’s looking to you 2016. I have great plans in store for you  😉 actually, I believe God has great plans for you–I’m just here for the ride.


On your mark, get set–RESTART!!!

This post is like…….5 days in the making. But seriously, where has the time gone?! Sorry guys that it’s been so long, but with my school schedule, homework, and my recital–everything just got away from me. Right now with all these papers and essays due, this is pretty much how I feel:


So where was I the last time we talked…..oh yeah, 154 and not budging with a senior recital coming up. I couldn’t understand what was going on, and then I started talking to a friend about it and she said it’s most likely stress. I thought “stress? could it really be that simple?” We’re going to see, because it makes sense. From February, I had so much stuff that needed to be done that if I said I wasn’t stressed–I’d be lying. And from research, stress releases cortisol (or however you spell it) and sometimes it can make you gain weight or plateau. I can find the truth in that. Then spring break came and went gained 4 pounds to get pushed up to 158 and then Easter weekend happened and shot up to 162. It was bound to happen eventually, I knew it was coming and yes–when I saw that number I slightly beat myself up. But thanks to some wise words from friends, I knew that I would be okay–and what do I do: start T25 😀 This time though, I’m focusing on the toning part–if the weight drops that’s great and I will LOVE IT!!! Especially since I want to be down to 150 by May 16th–graduation. I’m looking more at nutrients and health instead of being totally focused on calories, quantity of quality, all the while trying to get my calorie count up higher and building muscle. I’m also going to be introducing fruits and milk back in my diet. I’ve decided that I’m not going to worry about sugars as sugars but focusing on keeping my refined sugars down. I will be watching those natural sugars though, limiting them but still being able to enjoy them. Basically just focusing on eating a healthy diet with healthy foods!!! So here are my before pictures:


My measurements:

Weight: 162.8

Chest: 33 1/2

Waist: 31

Hips: 36 1/2

Thighs: 23

Arms; 10 1/2

Butt: 39

I’ll be putting up pictures after the first 5 weeks are done and my measurements! Wish me luck all!!!! 😀

First Fitness Friday of the year–so here we go!

Fitness Friday: Getting rid of the Belly Pooch (and beating the mind-tricks)

Ok, so let’s be honest–I’ve been slacking off on these 😛 School really has been quite insane and by insane I mean–my brain is about to explode. I have 2 huge papers which have writer’s block on both, a speech coming up at the end of March, my recital is in 2 weeks, and a huge giant financial project for my music business analysis class. So needless to say–February has been slightly stressful and I really didn’t know what to write about Fitness Friday wise. With that in mind I think I found something, so here it goes!

January and February haven’t been the best months for me “weight loss” wise. It took me up to February just to get down to 154, and it’s here that for the past 25 days I have been stuck at. Yesterday and today, I was surprised to find myself down into 153, but that’s not really what I want to talk about. 😛

Since January, I have been doing Shaun T’s Rockin’ Body because 1) needed to let my body have a break from all the INSANITY!!! and 2) because I had plateaued tone wise. Nothing was happening, those pooch and love-handles weren’t going away, and I figured that I needed to try some thing different for muscle confusion. And it’s been going great! I have lost about an inch–but here’s where things get sticky for me.

With everything that has been going on, I think I have under-lying stress (stress that I’m not admitting is there), and I think it’s starting to play mind-tricks on me. That lower belly pooch has always been a huge problem for me. I’ve taken all the “body type” tests, listened to all the tips and tricks, and I’ve come to the decision that THAT is the spot where all my weight sits. And by jove, it has to be the spot that is the HARDEST to lose. (YAY ME!!!!!) And here’s where the mind-trick is coming in…I beginning to look in the mirror and see myself, but I don’t see the girl that has lost 63 pounds–I’m still that girl that “fat” girl!


 Me, I’m the person that wants results NOW!! I’ve only been on this journey for 3 years and I’m still not to where I want to be (close and getting there) but still not there. I’m not a patient person, and when I don’t see results I really do get discouraged and so in the words of me very wise mother, “don’t get discouraged as you work for another breakthrough. It will come when it’s ready.” It’s something to remember. I once heard that your body will hold it’s weight some times while the inches are being lost. Inches then the weight. It happened to me this summer, I was at a steady 186 and then right when I was about to leave for Denver (and ate hamburgers and stuff at the fair 😛 ) the weight started shed off after the inches went away.

Another thing that my wise mother has told me (she read it somewhere and I have too), that the lower belly pooch is controlled by the rest of the body, and so to lose it you have to work the whole body. You would think that with everything that I have done food wise, workout wise, etc–I would be as skinny as a twig XD — with this in mind, here’s what I’m going to do to get over this state that I am.

1) I’m going to let my body do what it needs to do.

If that means staying at the same weight while the inches go away–alright! I just have to keep reminding myself where I once at to where I am now.

2) Start running again, oh and adding weights

I stopped running because running on a treadmill does get really old, I started Insanity, and after a while it was hurting my knees. (The fact I was bored with it and started Insanity was the real reason though). I think that getting a good hard cardio workout will help, that and doing more with the 5 pound weights and resistance band I have, will help with that pooch too.

3) Reverse Crunches, Bicycles, and leg holds.

They explain themselves right? 😛



There was a movement my last year of high school called “board”….or was it plank…but anyway, someone would yell it out and where ever you were you would lay on your stomach and “plank”. But these planks are the kind that are a total body workout! Since doing a 5 minute plank workout every other day, I have seen some changes–so I can contest that they do work.


4) Shaun T’s Extra 5

They kill you in five 1 minute exercises, and are great little pushes when your dead tired from your workout.

and the last thing I’m going to focus on

5) not being afraid of oil and good fats

I’ve added unsalted butter, extra virgin olive oil, and coconut oil (especially coconut oil) into my diet. I also eat to be satisfied, not a certain amount of calories, but satisfied. I also eat with the amount of work I’ll be doing. So Mondays and Wednesdays I eat more (over 1000), Tuesdays and Thursdays just under 1000 and then Fridays are usually high (except now during Lent in which I am fasting) and then Saturday is slightly low. Sunday is what I call “Sunday Funday”, so I eat basically whatever I want but it amazingly stays really low. Satisfied not full. (oh, and I will also be adding fruit back into my eating plan like apples, and I’m not going to be afraid of having some sort of “sweet” when I crave it–even if it does drive me over on the calories 😛 ).


We’ll see where things go from here!! What do you guys think? Am I on the right track? I think that this is the best thing for me right now. That’s what I got for the first Fitness Friday of the year! Until next time (tomorrow 😛 ), this is the Farmer’s Daughter!!!!

Monday Musings: Looking Back and Seeing I Can

I won’t be able to publish anything on Wednesday, and I already wrote what I wanted to say for the very first of the year. Firstly, I want to thank you all for jumping on this wagon with me and putting up with my strangeness, rants, joys, and all the other feelings that I wrote about. I hope that I didn’t write about anything sad, but I hope that I was able to keep you entertained and give you a little hope in your life journey as well. I know for me, I’m still getting used to this whole “blogging” thing, so hopefully in this upcoming year that will be something that I’ll get better at. (so thank you for putting up with me 😛 ) I entered Christmas week at 152.6 and I ended it at 158.4. I would have to say that even though I was down to 148 at a time, only have a 6 pound weight gain from the holidays is pretty good in my eyes. I thought it was going to be a lot worse. Of course, I didn’t weigh today because we had one more family dinner yesterday, so I didn’t want to completely get mad at myself. And today I’m going to have to be good because I’m going out with my 4-H group for pizza and then to the annual Doniphan County 4-H ice skating party!! (I love this time of year!!!) But I’ve already told myself–no more then 4 slices (or even that, if I’m full at 2, I’m full at 2. Even if it is CiCi’s.) And then they have treats at the party–so if I have one slice of dessert pizza, only one thing at the party…..that’s a plan right? Considering that I’ll be skating for almost 2 hours?? Then Tuesday and Wednesday I’m off to help my best friend get married, Friday going over to a friend’s house all day and then she’s coming over to my house for Saturday (yes….girls my age still have sleepovers) and then my birthday comes up the next Thursday.

It’s weird to think that the new year is almost year, as is my birthday, and as in the end of my break and the start to my last semester of college (O_O) But I’ll write about that later, for now–I do a short write about my fitness in 2014. I started 2014 at 186 pounds, I’m ending it about 155-156 (though I need to get back down to 150 before the 10th…at least that’s my goal, under 155). I would say that’s quite an accomplishment. When I started this year, I was so mad at myself and I wanted to give up. I kept telling myself that I would never get down to 155. It was a number that was impossible for me, it was never going to happen, and I should just resign myself to that fact and just start eating how I want and stay fat. I can’t remember who told me to keep pushing (most likely it was my mom), but I’m glad I did. I kept going even when I wanted to quite, kept pushing, and I kept, as Shaun T. always says, digging deeper. I admit, that looking back now there were some things that I probably weren’t the smartest (eating wise anyway), but in this next year–I’ll be starting off new and fresh. I hope that over this break, my body has come to realize that it’s not under any real stress, that this is a lifestyle change, and that I’m not going to be gaining that body fat back!! Now that I’m down to the 150s, my goal for this year is to tone and tighten, and any weight that comes with it will be an added bonus. So I don’t know if I should set my weight goal for 140. I think I might just to see what happens, but ultimately now I’m just looking to lose inches and gain muscle.

I’m starting this new year out on a new foot and I can’t wait to see where it takes me!! I hope that y’all will be doing the same, keep on pushing and keep going, because those results will come before you know it! I hope you had a very Merry Christmas and you have an amazing new year! Thanks again for putting up with me, and if there’s anything you would like to talk about or for me to address, don’t be afraid to message me or add a comment! I would love to hear from you!!!! So until next year for a fitness post, this is the Farmer’s Daughter, Merry Christmas!!!!

Monday’s Musings: Belly Fat Cure 1 Week Challenge

Hey everyone! Last Sunday I talked about a 1 week challenge that my parents and I were going on last week. We did it, and I wish I could tell you the results for myself–but we had Christmas last night so I didn’t weigh this morning because….well you can figure it out 😛 However, I loved it. People in Denver often ask me why I go back to Kansas for so long, or why I’m going to return there after graduation. The reason, I love it here! I love home–the openness, the freedom, the ideals, the people, the environment, and most importantly–my family! This is where my roots are set and actually where I would like to raise my family, but that’s a different conversation. Maybe for Christmas 😉

Anyway, to the 1 week challenge. It was actually a lot simpler then I thought. We did the carb week, and that actually had me worried because I was going to eat more carbs then then I had in a LONG time. Going into this (like I said on Sunday) was that I was worried about gaining weight from all this, but I was surprised when I started going down in weight. Ounce by ounce, but an ounce is an ounce. For last week, I lost 2 pounds. Started out at 152 and ended on Sunday at 150. This was surprising that I even lost that much, because I was actually expecting to gain weight.

I didn’t realize how much sugar I personally eat in a day, even when I watch it very carefully. I went over 15 grams every day, but I did try to keep it as low as possible. Friday was crazy cause I went on a sweet binge, where I needed chocolate and peanut butter and I wanted it NOW!!! (Today was a sweet binge day too because I made some fudge for gifts….off to do total body workout 😛 )

Even with that binge I dropped some pounds and I laughed because I realized that this is the lifestyle I should have all the time. With such an intense workout like T25 or Insanity, it’s important to up the calories (even if it was from too many sweets….oops…) but this is a plan I think I can follow. It’s definitely something that I’m going to do at the start of the new year after all this craziness ends. Help get myself started on a good note. Here are some of the recipes that we did. (I forgot to take pictures of all of them, but they were all really good recipes):


This is a Greek type of salad with a Greek pizza. Instead of tomato sauce, it was Fettuccine sauce. I really liked it, Dad on the other hand……..really need to get his taste palate to grow.


Tried two different whole wheat pancake recipes, broke down and just bought some mix 😛 but on the right it has homemade blueberry/blackberry/raspberry jam with berry topping and then the left is just plain original.


Salad and then a Sage sausage tomato penne dish. Again, mom and I enjoyed this but Dad…… 😛


I’m not a veggie pizza person, but this pizza was actually quite delicious. Had black olives, mushrooms, red onions, broccoli, mozzarella cheese, and red pepper flakes. Next time I want to try fettuchine sauce on it!!

That’s all I got for the 1 week challenge!! I really liked it, so we’ll just have to see what happens when I use it to get back on track (if I need to get back on track) after Christmas! I’ll let you guys know how this week goes with the multiple Christmas dinners and we’ll get back on track with our weight journey in the new year!! Enjoy life with your family. Eat, live, love, and be merry!!!

Merry Christmas from the Farmer’s Daughter!!!!